The Axbridge Consulting Group provides clients with innovative and effective vendor management solutions. Specializing in the assistance of public sector agencies, as well as long term publicly funded programs, Axbridge is committed to providing the tools necessary to help clients navigate through the complexities of vendor/contractor dealings.

Axbridge possesses extensive industry knowledge and expertise dealing with third-party vendor billing processes, including:

  • Thorough understanding of both quantitative and qualitative invoice audits and reviews
  • Expertise in GSA standards and requirements
  • Task Order/Contract Compliance
  • Financial Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Project Analytics
  • Implementing streamlined billing/invoicing processes
  • Prompt Payments
  • Records Management/Secure Archiving

Axbridge’s experience includes the NYRising Project of the New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR), where the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of the agency's third-party vendor billing system was successfully achieved. Today, Axbridge's on-going role in GOSR's billing procedures has contributed in processing over $4 billion (and counting) in timely vendor payouts.

The Axbridge Consulting Group is dedicated to providing exemplary product deliveries to meet each of our clients' individual needs. Whether it be through restructuring/optimizing current processes, or through implementing new ones, Axbridge is committed to helping clients reach their goals by maximizing overall effectiveness and efficiency.