Program Management

Programs and projects can consist of a multitude of components that drive overall success. The Axbridge Consulting team not only provides insights for establishing short-term, long-term, and interim goals, but further provides clients with industry-proven expertise on how to go about achieving them. The Axbridge team has assisted in multi-billion dollar public programs that include disaster recovery efforts in N.Y. State, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Vendor Management

Axbridge's value to clients is highlighted by its vendor management capabilities. From controlling costs, to ensuring that compliance requirements are met, Axbridge covers the full spectrum of client-vendor dealings. Lean management utilization provides the Axbridge team with the ability to successfully identify impediments to current processes, helping to achieve procedural improvements that are both effective and sustainable.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Identifying key organizational data is critical. However, being able to properly assess said data through comprehensive data scrubs to recognize impacting trends is paramount. Axbridge is well experienced in keeping large scale projects/programs on track and on budget. Our team provides precision forecasting and expenditure burn rate reports for both our clients, and their vendors, all to ensure that resources are not exceeded.


Understanding our clients’ key organizational information is pivotal to Axbridge’s services. Conducting frequent analysis, and constant monitoring, of all key-performance indicators (KPIs) allows our team to identify what accelerates and decelerates processes, as well as to understand what truly drives overall business.

Data Management & Secure Archiving

The Axbridge team ensures secure archiving of accurate and reliable data. Our team tracks and records all of our clients’ critical data and vendor information through industry-leading platforms, including both web-based and server-based management systems. Clients can trust that their organizational data is always safe, and handled with the utmost sensitivity.

Internal Audit

Regularly performed evaluations throughout the lifespan of a program is pivotal to improving processes, as well as to preemptively avoiding emerging obstructions to organizational goals. Axbridge is well equipped in identifying key organizational risks, providing solutions to critical program dilemmas, restructuring SOPs, and re-aligning target goals.